Luyanda is one of the Responsibility Coach Students @ Brandvlei Maximum Prison. This is a part of his case study - 2nd Module / Block 1:

In the process I have learned to acknowledge the power of words. I realize that what I am calling myself to be, I become. That what I say I am, I become. So in other words what I install in my mind about myself becomes manifested. Therefore I learn to always think positive about myself and the surrounding.

The enlightenment which is currently pouring within my universe has actually opened a lot of doors for me. The universal language which I am embracing has led me to see different individuals from all spheres of life and all these individuals I have invited them through the energy of love – which we are all exchanging as individuals. The results, in return, are amazing/healing me, because that which we are sharing is unconditionally. Through that I am getting support and love. It is overwhelming!

As I also said to my fellow student life coaches during our sharing sessions, I have started to say “I love you” to my mother – for the first time whilst I am here in prison. I was always scared and fearful of how she “Sindiswa Cynthia Mboniswa” would react. The process of The Responsible Individual has led me to the source of this fear. I have dived deep and explored. In the process I have managed to find that it is my source which I must operate from. Now I am no longer shaking. I say I LOVE YOU MAMA with an open heart and true meaning!

Having said the above I have managed also to invite/attract some individuals that became interested in knowing me personally beside the Group of Hope work, which was the actual source of our meeting. I refer to these individuals as my mothers, my sisters and my family. To name just a few: Linda Scott, Lorraine Meyer, Lorraine Forbes, Magriet Conradie, Corne Claasen, Maurice Botha, Elizabeth Mqela, Lulu Scott, Robyn Scott, Diana Nagel and my forever loving Karina (my mentor, coach and friend) – ALL played a huge role in my growth. Mr. Pansegrouw, Selma and fellow group members I am saying thank you very much for your love, encouraging words and support. And I regard all of them as my RELATIVES! They play a huge role in me. And remember that all of them came into my universe through the availing of myself, being open to all that I am. This confirms that we are connected as individuals in this universe and our main goal in life is to create a better environment and atmosphere for everyone. And again, if I am doing that for myself all surroundings will benefit. Therefore to me, all of us, we are relatives in this universe – we are not separate from each other. Being one means we are operating from wholeness sphere and that sphere is in me. I am one with that sphere